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Structural Tests and Special Inspections

The Building Code of New York State mandates the performance of a variety of Structural Tests and Special Inspections. CME is an independent, established and recognized agency regularly engaged in conducting structural tests and furnishing special inspection services. CME routinely provides continuous and periodic observation of work requiring special inspection. Some (but not all) of the Structural Tests and Special Inspections that CME is approved to provide are given below.

  • Fabrication Inspection at Fabricator’s Shops and Plants

  • Structural Steel Elements of Buildings and Structures

  • Steel Frame Erection, Fit-Up and Detailing

  • High-Strength Bolted Connection Installation

  • General Work Progress, Pre-Installation, Installation, and Post Installation

  • Concrete Construction and Concrete Materials

  • Reinforcing Steel including Prestressing Tendons and Placement

  • Embedded Items, Pull-testing, Proof-load Testing

  • Sampling and Testing Fresh Concrete and Compression Tests

  • Preplacement, Placement and Post-Placement Concrete Inspections

  • Prestressed, Precast, and Post-tensioned Concrete

  • Precast Concrete Erection, In-Situ Strength, and Form & Shore Removal

  • Masonry, Mortar, Grout, Reinforcement and Embedments

  • Code Compliance and Construction Document Provision Inspections

  • Existing Site Soil Conditions and Site Preparation

  • Soil Load-Bearing and Approved Soils Report Field Verifications

  • Prepared Fill Placement Inspection and In-PlaceDensity Compaction Tests

  • Pile and Drilled Pier Foundations and Load Testing

  • Wall Panel and Veneer Systems and Anchorages

  • Fireproofing and Firestopping Inspections

  • Sprayed Fire-Resistant Material Density, Thickness and Bond Strength

  • Seismic Resistance per AISC and Project QA Plan

  • Level 3 QA Engineered Masonry Seismic Resistance

  • Test Safe Load and In-Situ Load Tests

  • Compliance and Completion Reports

  • Weldment and Non-Destructive Testing

  • Pile Dynamic Load Testing

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