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Geotechnical, Soil and Foundation Engineering

CME has been involved in all aspects of geotechnical and foundation engineering* on thousands of successful projects. CME’s experience encompasses the full scope of the art and science of the profession, including optimal site characterization, design, research, specification preparation, construction management, value engineering, construction monitoring, expert witness, forensic investigation, peer review, and design-build geotechniques.

CME understands the importance of evaluating practical applications and new emerging technologies as a basis for selecting economical and constructable geotechnical solutions to overcome site and subsurface limitations. CME’s geotechnical solutions reflect the site subsurface changes and site-specific constructability considerations.

CME's geotechnical and foundation consulting services include the following:

  • Seismic Site Class Determination per BC-NYS

  • Value Engineering and Independent Appraisal of Designs by Others

  • Soil and Rock Mechanics, Laboratory and Field Testing

  • Consolidation (Settlement) Analysis

  • Slope Stability of Earthen Embankments and Slopes

  • Cofferdam and Flexible Earth Retaining Structure Design

  • Top-Down Design, Construction Engineering and Consulting

  • Specialty Contractor Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Conventional Shallow Foundation System Evaluation and Design

  • Deep Foundation Piles & Drilled Pier Evaluation and Design

  • Flexible and Rigid Pavement Thickness Design

  • Site Characterization, Site Selection and Feasibility Studies

  • Groundwater and Seepage Studies

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies

  • Sedimentation and Erosion Control Studies and Designs

  • Geotechnical Instrumentation Installation and Monitoring

  • Pile and Drilled Pier Foundation Inspection and Load-Testing

  • Foundation Compliance and Completion Reports

  • Soil Load-Bearing and Approved Soils Report Verifications

  • Liquifaction Study and Analysis

  • Foundation Failure Investigation and Analysis Reports

  • Structure Load Testing and Load Rating Certification

  • Construction Monitoring, Compliance and Completion Reports

  • Seismic Resistance Special Inspection

  • Slab and Pavement Failure Investigation and Analysis Reports

  • Shear Wave Velocity Testing and Interpretive Reports

  • Pile Dynamic Load Testing

* Professional Engineering Services are provided by affiliate, CME Engineering Group, D.P.C.

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