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Mission Statement

CME, an acronym for “Construction Materials Evaluation”, was incorporated in New York State in 1983.  CME’s mission is and has always been to provide timely, high-performance materials testing and inspection services.  CME understands the importance of accurate and timely tests and inspections for Quality Assurance and Quality Control of your project.  CME’s history is filled with success stories, repeat clientele and technological growth.

There are various reasons for CME’s success, all of which build on the rock-solid attributes that we endeavor to provide to every client and assignment.

Passion – CME is passionate about what we do.  We fight for what is right.

Success – CME knows that success never comes easily – we know we have to work at it.

Pride – CME is proud to contribute to the success of every project yet mindful to never be arrogant.

Joy – CME’s people share the joy of pride, workmanship, and ethical standards in our daily work with others and from 
generation to generation.

Value – CME will not waste what we have.  All will benefit from the value that CME delivers.

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