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Environmental Support Services

Today’s Environmental Professionals need Environmental Support Services they can rely on. CME has the resources to provide timely, competent, environmentally conscious support services. CME’s field crews are properly trained, experienced and certified in Hazardous Materials and Site Operations per OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.120(e), HAZWOPER 40-hour and 8-hour refreshers. CME’s drilling machines and equipment are late model, clean and well-maintained. CME routinely provides the following environmental support services: 

  • Environmental Drilling and Sampling Services

  • Aquifer Testing, Pump Testing and Packer Tests

  • Groundwater Observation Well Installation

  • Sparge Point and Extraction Well Installation

  • Telescoped Wells, Rock Wells, Clustered Wells

  • Test Well and Well Point Installation

  • Well Cleaning and Development

  • Well Decommissioning Service

  • Well Development and Rehabilitation

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