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CME Green

Green Commitment

From CME’s “most fuel efficient” testing truck fleet to recycling of test specimens, to Electronic Reporting – CME practices what it preaches by reducing our Carbon Footprint and working diligently for a sustainable environment.

CME’s Testing Truck Fleet is composed chiefly of the US Department of Energy’s (USDOE) “most fuel efficient” Ford Ranger Pickups.  CME is on track to replace all of our passenger vehicles with Hybrids by 2015.

CME recycles all spent test specimens including soil, aggregates, concrete specimens, masonry block and brick.  These inert material specimens are crushed, graded and re-used as fill, backfill and subbase course construction materials.

CME recycles all spent fluids and petroleum products used in our vehicles, machines and equipment.

CME recycles all office supplies, cartridges, paper products and plastic products.

CME’s paperless secure internet-enabled reporting system is yet another smart method CME uses to help make your job easier and allow you to manage the flow of information from your desktop or laptop while considering the environment.

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