CME Engineering Group

CME Engineering Group, a Design Professional Corporation, was formed in 2002 (as a PLLC)  to provide professional engineering services to the public for a fee as registered and authorized by the New York State Education Department.  The Firm was converted to a DPC in January 2015.

In addition to traditional geotechnical and materials engineering services, CME Engineering Group also provides expert and investigative services relative to claims related to construction, soils, subsurface conditions, geology, material failures, geotechniques, buildings and infrastructure.

CME Engineering Group (CEG) is closely affiliated with CME Associates, Inc. (CME) due to there being common Principals in both firms.  CEG and CME operate together seamlessly.  CEG and CME bring over 31 years of in-house soup-to-nuts geotechnical, investigative and forensic engineering experience to your assignment.

Forensic and Expert Witness

Provide investigative, expert and fact witness services in support of litigation, structural failures, change of condition claims, standard of care determination, and personal injury claims involving construction practices, geotechnical conditions such as trench collapse, and OSHA Part 1926 or 23NYCRR laws, rules and regulations.


Conceive, plan, estimate, execute, engineer, manage and supervise programs for site characterization using test borings, test pits, test trenches, shear vane, standard penetration resistance, dynamic cone penetration, static cone penetration, rock coring, menard® pressure meter, plate load soil modulus, california bearing ratio, undisturbed sampling, geophysical methods, resistivity methods, ground penetrating radar, cross-hole and down-hole shear wave velocity, in-situ infiltration/exfiltration testing, percolation, slug and permeability testing and direct-push sampling technology.


Geo-Structural design  and specification preparation and/or provide geotechnical recommendations and design parameters for others for conventional footing foundations, frost protected foundations, drilled piers, H-piles, helical piles, auger cast piles, micropiles, Franki® piles, tension piles and anchors, friction piles, timber piles, structural mat and raft foundations, circular (ring wall ) foundations, machine foundations, variably compensated (floating) foundations, foundations subject to moment, laterally loaded piles and piers, cantilever and diaphragm walls, underpinning, flexible earth retaining systems, MSE walls, reinforced earth retention systems, tie-back walls, surcharge/preload programs, cofferdams, safe operation excavation systems, top-down construction systems, natural & man-made earth slopes, earth embankments and hydraulic structural fills.

Value Engineering

“Value engineering is an organized, creative approach to efficiently identify unnecessary costs, especially those that do not measurably contribute to quality, utility, durability, appearance or owner requirements.” [excerpt “Quality in the Constructed Project” ASCE, May 1988, LCCC No.: 88-5981].  This definition is a Keystone of CEG’s geotechnical practice for every project, big and small.  CEG is also routinely engaged to provide value engineering service of another’s design.  CEG is proud of our consultancy (but not arrogant) and understands that others may not have the depth of experience, in-house resources, the ability or tools needed to more accurately characterize some sites and situations.  These attributes allow CEG to provide increased value in nearly every assignment.

Emergency Services

With global warming affecting the weather patterns and the increase in extreme weather events, CEG has seen an increased frequency of mudslides, progressive & global slope stability failures, erosion, floods, scour damage and shoreline structures sliding into water bodies.  In many instances, date-of-discovery to date-of-stabilization is crucial vis-à-vis the magnitude of loss.  CEG has distinct advantages over other firms enabling a compressed project schedule.  CEG has in-house engineers, in-house exploration/sampling drill rigs, in-house accredited materials testing laboratories, in-house computer modelling, and a significant number of past specialty experience in rapid mobilization and assessment, interpretation, analytical forensic modelling coupled with reiterative design solution models.  CEG will discuss program delivery processes up front with Client to facilitate contractor selection, delivery of materials and mobilization of equipment to the site concurrently while designing the solution.  CEG has many successful emergency assignments under our belt.

Peer Review

CEG uses guidelines established by ASFE* for “In-House Review of Reports” for internal peer review processes. For external clients, CEG’s proposal/agreement will designate the level and components of peer review and/or value engineering.  These types of reviews are limited in scope and are conducted to the extent necessary for CEG to render opinions regarding the stability, integrity, complexity, risks and relative cost factors associated with the primary foundation or geotechnical system recommended by the other consultant firm.

Construction Administration

Attend pre-bid conference, address bid phase questions, entertain alternatives and recommend action, convene pre-construction and pre-installation conferences, produce meeting minutes, review submittals and shop drawings, check submittal calculations and analytical methods when applicable, conduct structural observation visits at key stages of the specialty construction, review contractor’s payment applications, and close out projects for certificate of completion (occupancy) as applicable.

Construction Observation (CO)

Observe construction, provide Resident Project Representation and provide inspection and quality assurance testing of a variety of geotechnical constructions.


Devise, plan, estimate, execute, engineer, manage, monitor and supervise subsurface soil, rock, foundation and structural instrumentation using a variety of technologies including but not limited to; electric and electro-pneumatic such as, piezometer, tiltmeter, inclinometer, surface and subsurface settlement point, convergence meter, strain gauge, linear extensometer, and load (total stress) cell; as well as classical mechanical technology such as, borros point, porous stone piezometer, manometer gauge, crack monitor and high precision surveying.

Liquefaction and Site Specific Ground Motion Studies

CEG is the first consultant in New York to provide geophysical downhole shear wave velocity testing, evaluation and interpretive reports all together, in-house.  CEG has completed over two dozen site specific seismicity studies since 2003 wherein CEG developed Design Response Spectrums and Site Specific Ground Motion Parameters using the methodology and guidelines of ASCE/SEI 7 and the BC-NYS.

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*ASFE – Association of Engineering Firms Practicing in the Geosciences. -