CME Associates, Inc. (CME)
is a multi-talented and multi-disciplined engineering technology corporation that provides Construction Materials Evaluation and Technical Support Services to owners and professionals engaged in design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. CME's services are provided by and under the responsible charge of in-house licensed professionals and certified technologists. The CME technologists and laboratories provide physical testing of construction materials according to Standard Methods.

CME's licensed engineers and certified technicians specialize in geotechnical engineering, construction materials evaluation, geological sciences and investigative engineering. CME owns and operates a diverse fleet of subsurface exploration-test boring drill rigs. CME also operates its own independent accredited materials testing laboratories.

CME is differentiated by Convenient, Meticulous and Effective service.

CME's service is distinguished by Contemporaneously Managed Excellence.

CME's Corporate HQ Office is located in Syracuse, NY; with Branch Facilities operating in Buffalo, Rochester, East Syracuse, Albany and Elmira.




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